Freebie: FilmLight Baselight Free STUDENT Edition

Freebie: FilmLight Baselight Free STUDENT Edition

Train to be a professional Baselight colourist with support from FilmLight with the free Student edition of Baselight.

A growing number of facilities are looking for trained Baselight colourists and assistants. That’s why we’ve developed Baselight STUDENT, a software-only macOS application. It’s a perfect learning tool, either for training to become a professional colourist, or for experienced practitioners moving up to Baselight from other applications.

As Baselight STUDENT is specifically intended to help people learn how to work with Baselight professionally, the licence is limited to a 90-day training period; however, we understand that sometimes other commitments get in the way, so this can be reviewed if necessary when your licence expires.

The student application is built from exactly the same software source as the full Baselight system. That means that it will always be up-to-date with the latest release.
Some of the highlights of Baselight STUDENT include:

  • Support for control surfaces including Slate (but not Blackboard).
  • Optional AJA SDI monitoring.
  • 4:2:0 Y’CbCr cache allowing playback on lower-end machines.
  • Rendering capability for h.264* movies or JPEG image sequences.


As this is the student version of the Baselight grading system, there are of course some restrictions. These are listed below:

  • 90-day licence.
  • Only available on macOS.
  • Only available to validated users – it is not freely distributable.
  • You must register with us to obtain a copy.
  • The Blackboard control panel is not supported.
  • Render out is limited to h.264* and JPEG formats.
  • Cannot access or import full Baselight scenes (and vice versa).
  • The student version uses a different database structure for jobs and scenes, so you cannot share projects between Baselight STUDENT and full Baselight.
  • No BLG export or update AAF workflow.
  • No consolidate functionality.

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baselight editionsBaselight Editions

Baselight Editions provide the same core toolset as the full Baselight systems, with the same graphical user interface but as a software-only package which can be incorporated into an existing NLE or VFX workstation. This approach delivers FilmLight's high quality grading tools and Truelight colour management directly into your workstation, and as the Editions share the same data structures as the full Baselight systems, projects can be seamlessly transferred and shared between users and facilities.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha