Freebie: Free Offerings from CinemaPlugins.com for Maxon Cinema 4D

Check out this library of free plug-ins for Maxon Cinema 4D from CinemaPlugins.com

Dynamic Subdivider

Speed up your renders with this fantastic and Free Adaptive Subdivider. With this awesome modifier, any polygon object or group of objects can be subdivided or culled from the camera frustum and more.

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Spline Mask

Render splines in shader space using this easy to use awesome spline shader.

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Stipple Modifier

Use this amazing Stippling modifier on all your splines to make them go all spotty and dotty! Lots of settings such as random stipple and offsets, give you a powerful and professional modifier that is fast, easy to use and very flexible. R13 or greater — MAC & PC versions included.

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The Multi-Deformer 2 delivers a complete new deformer workflow paradigm.

Rather than inserting deformers under an object you want to deform, you can now insert one or more deformers into this single deformer and hide the original deformers in a  different hierarchy.  You can also re-use deformers this way.  It also adds a unique weighting system which allows you to apply  over/under weight, effectively magnifying deformation. And on the side you also get  a unique way to apply falloff to multiple modifiers. There are some limitations to this approach but it also has some pretty cool advantages and we hope you can find some use for it.

Version 2 adds spacial options and some bug fixes.

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Posted by Spencer Knuttila