Freebie Friday: SuperHelix for 3ds Max

Freebie Friday: SuperHelix for 3ds Max

Create complex helix splines for objects and paths in 3ds Max with this free script from Hernan Rodenstein. The free version is for personal or small project use.

SuperHelix Free Features:

  • Editable gizmo for intuitive volumen/flow manipulation
  • Adjustable shape sections allow a precise control over the final shape.
  • Native generation of helix along an editable path
  • Helical flow control options give the spline a more appealing aspect
  • Controls for both local/absolute rotations in perpendicular axes
  • Creation of multiple helical splines in a single step
  • Built-in spline growth animation
  • Thoughtful ready-made presets make an excellent starting point
  • Resulting helix is a standard editable spline object, easy to modify

Download at Spline Dynamics


Posted by Alicia