Freebie Friday: ZTree plug-in for Pixologic ZBrush

Need to make some random trees in zBrush?  This handy plug-in can help you model trees or vegetation.


ZTree is a free plug-in that allows you to create random trees quickly.  It does the boring, repetitve tasks for you, that come with creating an intricate set of branches.  If you need a certain species of tree or even an alien looking tree, ZTree can help, but that takes a bit of extra modeling on your part as there is no “Species Specific” preset.

Check out Dargelos' thread at Zbrush Central for an in depth explanation of how to work with ZTree.  Dargelos is the creator of this plug-in.

ZTree works nicely with Fibermesh and Micromesh from which to grow your branches.  ZTree also allows you to copy and paste previously made branches to help speed up the modeling process.  This “cut and paste” function can be useful in other aspects when working in Zspheres. 

Download the ZTree plug-in here, or from Dargelos' thread at Zbrush Central.

Download the ZTree fibermesh here.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha