Freebie: Hard Surface Kitbash Model Parts + Tutorial

Check out this Hard Surface Kitbash created by Eugene Apekin & Oleg Ushenok , with over 300 single objects in 21 mesh groups. Then watch the tutorial from David Ariew to learn how to use kitbash parts to create a 3D space colony using Octane and Cinema 4D.

FREE Hard Surface KitBash Vol 3

3D artists Oleg Ushenok and Eugene Apekin collaborated to create the Hard Surface KitBash Vol 3: a pack of over 300 free kitbash model parts.

You can see more detailed views of all the parts at Usehnok’s ArtStation gallery.

The pack can be found on Oleg Ushenok’s Gumroad store: Download the free kitbash pack
(You can download it for free or give them a voluntary donation.)

kitbash freebie



Tutorial: Using Kitbash3D Models to Build a Space Colony in Octane

In this Cinema 4D Octane tutorial, you’ll learn how to texture, assemble, light, and integrate Kitbash3D space colony buildings into a Mars environment.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha