Freebie: Helloluxx learn. Houdini Vol. 1 & 2 are Now Free

Freebie: Helloluxx learn. Houdini  Vol. 1 & 2 are Now Free

Now you can learn Procedural Modeling and Copy/Stamping in Houdini for free.  Helloluxx has recently made Vol. 1 & 2 in Adam Swaab’s Houdini training series FREE.

houdini vol 1helloluxx learn. Houdini Jumpstart Vol.1: Intro to Procedural Modeling

This tutorial will get you started with the fundamentals of procedural modelling in SideFX’s Houdini.  Unsure or perhaps intimidated about how to learn Houdini? Industry veteran, Adam Swaab, will take you through his learning process, step by step, using project-based techniques to get you up to speed with this program. Rather than exhaustively discussing every window, panel, menu item and button, Adam embraces a “learn what you NEED to know” approach.

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houdini vol 2helloluxx learn. Houdini Jumpstart Vol. 2: Copy/Stamping

In Volume 2 of the jumpstart series, we look further into the copy SOP and how to use it correctly to add variation and randomness to copied objects. Picking up from where we left off in Volume 1: Procedural Modelling, we explore the copy sop and ways to add variation to multiple objects in our scene. The copy SOP is a vital part of Houdini and understanding this SOP, is critical to our learning trajectory with this software. Adam will show how to use template points as a basis for copying objects onto template points (similar to Cinema 4D’s mograph module), how to use attributes to control the scale, rotation and colour of those objects, and how to use stamp expressions to add variation to the objects.

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Want more Houdini training?

Adam Swaab has a total of 6 Houdini Training volumes.  Volumes 3-6 are not free, but well worth the cost.

Posted by Kim Sternisha