Freebie: Propellerhead – Your New Drummer

Freebie: Propellerhead – Your New Drummer

“Get a new drummer for your next track! This week we’ve made a feed with acoustic drum loops, perfect if you need a solid foundation for your next song or just want something to jam to.” – Propellerhead

Figure drum loops

Do you prefer waveforms and filters to sticks and cymbals? Check out this feed of electronic drum loops made in Figure! Ready to build on in Figure, Take or Reason.

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Don’t stop the beat–more free drum loops for your music

What’s the perfect follow-up to a week of drum loops? More. We're pretty sure there’s no such thing as too much drums.

Pop Beats

Kickstart your pop song with an instrumental loop! In the Pop Beats feed, we've shared some starting points for you to sing, play or build on.

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Free reverb resources – where to find impulse responses

“Hi there, Stefan here. I just wanted to go through a few resources of where to find new impulse responses to use with the new convolution mode in the updated RV7000 MkII–when you're finished going through the massive RV7000 MkII ReFill, that is.

There is a plethora of free impulse responses (IR files) out there on the web which are free to acquire and free to use. This is only a list of a few of them, so if you're feeling bold, just do a google search for “free impulse responses” and I'm sure you'll find even more.

Another cool trick is if you use Logic Pro, you can simply rename the .sdir files used in Space Designer to .aiff or .wav and they can be used in the RV7000 MkII!  You can find the .sdir files in the following directory: ~/Library/Application Support/Logic/Impulse Responses.

Starting with the most important ones, well, since I'm a guitar player.” – Propellerhead

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Posted by Spencer Knuttila