Freebie: Quixel Megascans – Free Packs

Freebie: Quixel Megascans – Free Packs

Quixel Megascans is a massive scan library of physically based 3D, vegetation and surface scans.  They offer several packs and individual scans for free, including rocks, ferns, grass and more.

Megascans – 100% standardized library with thousands of scanned items from all over the world.

The Free scans include:

  • Soil: Clay
  • Soil: Mud
  • Plant: Grass
  • Rock: Sandstone (2 different scans)
  • Plants: Ferns (2 packs)
  • Wood: Log

Download the free scans here

Learn more about Quixel Megascans here

megascans freebie

Need more textures?

Quixel Suite offers scan based PBR texturing. Straight in Photoshop. 

Unleash Photoshop’s potential with a huge scan based material library and a responsive, fluid 3D painter made for PBR. Enjoy a highly customizable, user-friendly, and fully Photoshop integrated texturing suite — like you’ve always wanted it to work. Includes: NDO, DDO & 3DO.

Save 40% on Quixel Suite, DDO or NDO for a limited time only.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha