Freebies: 3D Sci-Fi Models & Elements for Cinema 4D

Freebie Friday Sci-Fi Elements via Pixel Lab

The Pixel Lab always shares great free models and today we’re doing a round-up of models with sci-fi appeal. As always, the model is free for commercial and personal use, but of course, you can’t resell them!

To get the free models, go to the Pixel Lab and sign up for their newsletter. The Pixel Lab has almost 300 free models available to people on their mailing list and they won’t spam you. You’ll get the password to unlock the models in their newsletter.

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3D Sci-Fi Models Sci-Fi ElementSci-Fi Element

This is a fun little model is by Giuseppe Sarci. He was one of the members of the team who helped create The Pixel Lab’s Hard Surfaces product. This model is for Cinema 4D and was textured for Octane Render,

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3D Sci-Fi Models Cartoon UFO SpacestationCartoon UFO Spacestation

This adorable little UFO/robot is another from Giuseppe Sarci. Joren Kandel at The Pixel Lab explains, “It even has an xpresso slider to open and close the legs so it becomes a flying saucer model.”

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3D Sci-Fi Models alfa romeo concept carAlfa Romeo Najavo Concept Car

This model by Rick Ellis looks very old-school sci-fi to me. Apparently, this was a concept car made in 1976. Joren explains, “It’s a sci-fi looking take based on the 33 Stradale and was presented at the Geneva Motor Show in 1976. It never made it to production, but it’s such a rad vehicle.”

Rick Ellis worked on The Pixel Lab C4D Tower Tool which included skyscrapers and other buildings.

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3D Sci-Fi Models: Sci-Fi Hand GrenadeSci-Fi Hand Grenade

This one was created by Renderking. At first, I thought it was a cute little sci-fi coffee thermos. It could be if you removed the ring!

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 Free Cinema 4D Model Pack: Hard Surface Kitbash ElementsHard Surface Kitbash Elements

This one was created by Renderking.

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Check out some other great models from The Pixel Lab.

Industrial PackThe Pixel Lab Industrial Pack

2 Complete 3D Environments, 25 Industrial Models, HDR Images, Texture Images, and Metal Textures

Remco at remmac3d.blogspot.com built these super useful models and environments!

This massive pack includes 25 industrial models, 2 full 3D environments, 10 HDRIs, 9 C4D Metal Textures, and 50 industrial texture images.

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