Inspiration: A Second a Day from Birth from Sam Christopher Cornwell

Sam edited together a second of video from each day of the first year of his son’s life.

This is a cute and novel idea for a baby montage and normally I wouldn’t put a project like this on Toolfarm Inspirations. A few things stuck out to me… Yes, it’s a very cute baby, which makes anyone want to watch but I noticed how well the audio is edited. I didn’t time each shot but it does look like it’s consistently one second per clip. Why isn’t the sound more choppy? It seems that he used a series of L-cuts to smooth the audio so we hear his voice or the baby crying for a seconds before or after the cut. That’s some nice editing, Sam! I can’t imagine how much footage there was to deal with… gigs and gigs. Also, the lighting is nice thorugh the whole piece, unlike the home videos that I’ve seen on YouTube. I don’t know Sam, but I suspect that he does video for a living.

A Second a Day from Birth. from Sam Christopher Cornwell on Vimeo.

Meet our son Indigo who was born on the 9th July 2012. From that day my wife and I videoed Indigo at least once a day, every day up to a year old. For his first birthday we’ve spent some time putting together a video of his entire first year. He doesn’t quite appreciate it yet, but we hope that in a few years he will.

MUSIC: Thanks to Mychael Danna and Devotchka for use of “The Winner Is” music from the “Little Miss Sunshine” soundtrack.

Via Mashable

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Posted by Michele Yamazaki