Inspirations: Adobe After Effects CS6 Easter Egg for 20th Anniversary!

There’s a cool little extra in After Effects CS6. Follow the instructions in the post to see it. It’s fun!

Adobe After Effects About

There's a cool little extra in After Effects CS6 hidden by the Adobe After Effects team. Follow the instructions below to see it. It's fun… and don't worry, the image above didn't ruin the surprise.

Posted by Steve Forde on the Adobe Blog:

Also, we have a little surprise for you. Open up After Effects CS6 and check it out!


  1. Hold down Alt/Option while opening the About box (i.e., Alt while choosing Help > About After Effects on Windows, Option while choosing After Effects > About After Effects on Mac) to open the credits.
  2. Open the “TV” composition, which is downstream from the “After Effects CS6″ one that appears. You can simply click the “TV” comp button in the Composition Navigator bar at the top of the Composition panel to get to it easily.
  3. Go to the last frame in the composition, which is one-frame beyond the last frame of the work area. (i.e., you would not see it if you did a RAM preview).

Posted by Michele Yamazaki