Inspirations: Bloc Party – Ratchet, VFX by Cyriak

Here’s Cyriak’s recent work for the British band, Bloc Party. If you haven’t seen his work, prepare for your mind to be blown.

You know we love After Effects artist, Cyriak Harris's infinity-looping style, which Stash Magazine in this video as “his singular command of recursive compositing”. It's trippy and amazing, and a bit distrurbing. 

Unfortunately, readers in some countries may not be able to watch the video due to licensing from the record company, but hopefully that will be fixed soon.

Here are a couple of other Cyriak videos we've posted in the past.

Cyriak BonoboInspirations: Bonobo – Cirrus by Cyriak

Cyriak has created another amazing video, this time for the band Bonobo.

cyriak cobwebsInspirations: Because and Cobwebs by Cyriak Harris

Unreal and Surreal animation of a face by Cyriak Harris.


Posted by Michele Yamazaki