Inspirations: Echo 2013 Promo from Echo Hub

Check out this 8-bit style animation for Echo 2013, a conference for artists, geeks and story tellers.

Getting the 8-bit look in After Effects is not as simple as you might think. This animation and whole piece is a lot of fun and very well done. 

Trent Armstrong, part of the team that worked on the video said, “A lot of front end design went into this. Our designer Joe Cavasos discovered a way in Illustrator to 'paint' individual pixels in a pixel grid. He built walk cycles for the Echo guy. The real 8-bit contribution in After Effects was the choppy motion and then a little bit of the Mosaic filter on the speakers in the bike ramps.”


Echo 2013 Promo from Echo Hub on Vimeo.


Posted by Michele Yamazaki