Inspirations: To This Day Project – Shane Koyczan

Poet Shane Koyczan mixes a powerful narrative with several animation styles from many artists in this inspirational piece.

Christopher Jasinski sent me this great video about anti-bullying, but don't let that make you not want to watch it. From line drawings to stop motion to 3D to cartoons and doodles, it's amazing work from Canadian company Giant Ant! Why such a mish-mash of styles?

We broke the poem into 22 segments, which we distributed at random to over 400 respondents. Storyboards, style frames, concepts and animation tests followed before 86 finished pieces of animation — more than the final piece could even accommodate. We are absolutely floored by the love and creativity that went into each piece.

The official To This Day video is made up portions of our selection of 40 pieces of submitted animation. Each submission can be watched in full on the To This Day Vimeo channel.

Read more about it on their blog

Shane Koyczan's TED Talk

Posted by Michele Yamazaki