Inspirations: Where Are We Now? – David Bowie

In honor of David Bowie’s first studio album in 10 years, here is the first single from the album Where Are We Now?, which happens to be one of the weirdest videos since Bowie put out his last album!

This video came out in January and I thought I put it on our Inspirations blog, but it seems that I did not. I don't like the video, for one, but it's definitely unique! It was directed by Tony Oursler. Who is the woman that is conjoined to him? Oursler's wife, Jacqueline Humphries.  The video uses Oursler's signature projection technique to put Bowie's and Humphries faces on the creepy ragdoll. [The Independent UK]

The album is out and I'm not loving it but maybe it will grow on me. I've been a big Bowie fan since the first time I saw the Ashes to Ashes video on MTV when I was just a kiddie. The song charted in several countries including Canada and the UK. It was not produced by Calvin Harris or have a dubstep beat or Rhianna as guest vocalist so it can't chart in the US. Bitter? Me? The album is #1 right now on Amazon though. [The Next Day] Enjoy the video. 

Posted by Michele Yamazaki