Midweek Motivations: iZotope founder Mark Ethier Interview

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 iZotope founder Mark Ethier
iZotope founder Mark Ethier

KVR Audio interviews iZotope Founder Mark Ethier. iZotope is known for its highly coveted RX product. RX, to summarize, is the industry standard tool for audio repair and cleanup. In fact, RX, as well as all other iZotope tools also happen to be on sale right now. See iZotope Sales for all of the products that are currently on sale.

Mark talks about his background in music and technology, and his philosophy of product design. In addition, he discusses how Machine Learning is integrated into iZotope products. It’s fascinating!

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iZotope RX Post Production Suite

iZotope RX Post Production Suite

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Everything You Need for Post Production

RX Post Production Suite 3 is the flagship of the RX line. In fact, it features four of iZotope’s most powerful tools for audio post-production: RX 7 Advanced, Insight 2, Neutron 2 Advanced, and RX Loudness Control. This comprehensive audio post-production suite features intelligent and powerful software solutions for everything. Use it for dialogue editing to mixing and delivery. Finally, it includes $400 in bonus content.

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iZotope Everything BundleiZotope Everything Bundle

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Available for a Limited Time Only

The Everything Bundle contains every product iZotope makes. It does it all, from creative production to mixing, mastering, and repair. To clarify, this is the complete solution for any type of audio work.

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iZotope Vocal Chain BundleiZotope Vocal Chain Bundle

This bundle is also in the iZotope Summer Sale! It’s also 30% Off now through May 31, 2019.

Includes Nectar 3, VocalSynth 2, RX Elements

Vocal Chain Bundle is a toolkit curated for vocal repair, mixing, and creative processing.

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Posted by Michele Yamazaki