Kubity Pro Model Library Access in your Browser + More, in Latest Update

Kubity Pro

Kubity Pro is the first mixed reality multiplex. In essence, it is a presentation tool for designers, dreamers, engineers, and architect. It allows you to present and share your 3D models on your desktop, on the web or on your mobile devices. It’s ready for not only Sketchup but also Autodesk Revit. This latest update allows for accessing your Kubity Pro Model Library in your browser, and much more!

With the latest update, you can access your model library right from your browser. Export a model with the Kubity PRO plugin and view everything all in one place. Easily add QR codes to PDF files or send model links to your email without ever picking up your phone.

To summarize, you’ll have better control of your Kubity Pro Model Library. You can easily send a link to someone to open your model quickly in a browser. You can send QR codes to others to add them to documents quickly, and you can edit, protect and delete a model, right from your PRO account.

Kubity Pro is useful for Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and more. To sum up everything that Kubity Pro can do for you, watch the video below.

Kubity Pro Skate Park Design Case Study

Baseplate skatepark design in Kubity Pro Baseplate skatepark design in Kubity Pro

There are a few interesting case studies from Kubity Pro that they’re featuring on their website. One that I found particularly interesting is their SketchUp, Kubity, Skateparks – Streamlining The Process article with an Australian skate park and building design agency called BASEPLATE.

Here is a direct link to one of their projects:

Narangba Skatepark.

You can click around and zoom into the bowls and the quarter pipes. It’s pretty cool.

Baseplate skatepark design in Kubity Pro

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Posted by Michele Yamazaki