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Here’s a smattering of the news on the interwebs surrounding yesterday’s announcement at AdobeMAX.

It seems like the concensus is that people are excited about the new features that will be in the new version of the software, specifically MAXON CINEMA 4D Lite/Cineware, which will be included with After Effects. People are not nearly as excited about going to a subscription-only business model. If you haven't heard, Adobe will no longer have perpetual licensing available for new versions, but will continue to sell CS6. You'll need to subscribe to the Adobe Creative Cloud (Adobe CC) to have the latest versions of the software.

You can subscribe for a single application. Right now, there's a promotional deal that makes the price for that $9.99/month. You can see the various plans here. Click the “Pick a Plan” button on the far right to see the promotional deals for existing customers.

Adobe Systems Shifts Creative Business Fully To Cloud
Patrick Seitz, Investor's Business Daily, May 6, 2013

Adobe's Creative Cloud And The Expansive Future Of The Digital Workplace 
Anthony Wing Kosner, Forbes.com, May 6, 2013

Adobe’s “Creative Monopoly” 
Timelapse.org, May 7, 2013

After nearly 10 years, Adobe abandons its Creative Suite entirely to focus on Creative Cloud
Harrison Weber, The Next Web, May 6, 2013

Adobe Ditches Creative Suite for CC: Creative Cloud
Michael Muchmore, PC Magazine, May 6, 2013

Adobe rebrands Creative Suite to focus on Creative Cloud, outlines new features for Photoshop (update: subscription only) 
Billy Steele, Endgadget, May 6, 2013

Adobe shows off new Creative Cloud features with across the board updates 
AppleInsider, May 6, 2013

Adobe Kills Boxed Version Of Creative Suite 
Thomas Claburn, Information Week, May 6, 2013

Adobe Photoshop CC: Subscription Only, Shake Reduction, Better Raw 
Michael Zhang, PetaPixel, May 6, 2013


Posted by Michele Yamazaki