Update: Autodesk Maya 2022.2, Added USD Support, Improved Bifrost

Update: Autodesk Maya 2022.2, Added USD Support, Improved Bifrost

The Autodesk Maya 2022.2 came out yesterday. It includes multiple improvements and fixes. Some important features include a new scaling section on the Solidify deformer for resizing tagged geometry and a streamlined Application Home. In addition, it features a slew of improvements to USD, all contributing to an overall more stable, robust experience. Not only that, Autodesk updated Bifrost to be more interactive and expressive with several usability improvements.

Deformation control

Autodesk added a  new Scaling feature to the Solidify deformer allowing you better control on resizing tagged geometry. You can use the Scale mode settings to determine how the deformation treats the geometry with Edge, Edge Global, and Scale options. Normal Scale and Tangent Plane Scale fields let you apply uniform offsets to the scale effect.

Improved Application Home

In addition, Autodesk upgraded the Recent File list in Application Home. This upgrade allows users to locate a file’s location faster in the right-side menu.

New options in Script Editor

New options in the Attribute Editor make for a more friendly experience. The new Save All Script Tabs option saves the script tabs open to a file so that they can be easily recovered. Show tabs and spaces visually display tab and space indicators and view white spaces in the Script Editor.

Added USD support

Building on the first integration, Autodesk updated USD with stability fixes, performance improvements, and improved UV and geometry export as well as viewport drawing of curves and cards.

  • The geomSideness flag added to the exporter
  • Restrictions on when prims can be grouped added
  • The Proxyshape node now has shareable stage support
  • Uneditable layers now show as locked in the layer editor
  • Patch curves now draw as wireframe in default material mode
  • Added support for the cards drawing mode in Vp2RenderDelegate
  • Improved color management support
  • In addition, check out General Stability fixes, addressed across the plugin

Improved Bifrost

Bifrost is now more interactive, expressive, and robust than ever before. The latest update elevates the tool’s level of maturity with several usability improvements. In addition, make fluid port changes with virtual sliders, fix broken graphs with unknown nodes, and enjoy terminals now out of beta. Bifrost also introduces more expressive simulation graphs and a slew of FX enhancements, helping you create sophisticated simulations more easily.

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Posted by Michele Yamazaki