Updates: Autodesk Maya & 3ds Max 2023.2

Updates: Autodesk Maya & 3ds Max 2023.2

Autodesk released the 2023.2 updates for both Maya and 3ds Max just a few hours ago.

What’s new in Maya 2023.2

Autodesk’s primary focus is performance in animation and rigging. These new features make workflows simpler, improve your experience, and save time. They’ve also enhanced Bifrost, USD, and Arnold plug-ins.

  • Animation Performance improvements include significant enhancements to the GPU deformation workflow.
  • Blue Pencil improvements include new Falloff curves to define Blue Pencil strokes, among other improvements.
  • New Graph Editor Tangent controls got two new options: Angle and Weight for better control and ease of use.
  • The new Joint draw style is useful for working with rigs that contain multiple child joints in a small area.
  • USD for Maya 0.19 plug-in
  • And much more… Read the fine details of the update on the Autodesk website: What’s new in Maya 2023.2

What’s new in 3ds Max 2023.2

The update to 3ds Max 2023 release spotlights productivity for users and teams. It also includes new features for the array modifier. In addition, they updated Delta Mush computation. For all the fine technical details, go to the release notes. Below, read a few highlights.

  • The parametric Array modifier lets users make arrays with an expansive toolset. This includes transformation and randomization controls, and parameters to adjust material IDs and UV data.
  • Chamfer updates
  • Editable Poly Retriangulation
  • Track View updates
  • And there’s a lot more. Read What’s New in 3ds Max 2023.2 for all the details.

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Check out Maya Monday under Tutorials for more Maya-featured tutorials and information. In addition, check out the Bifrost Hub, for everything about Bifrost. this includes downloads, tutorials, and more.

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