Midweek Motivation: Creating Environments for Netflix’s The Witcher in Substance

witcher substance interview

CG Generalist Timothee Maron talked with Arti Sergeev (80 LEVEL) about the process of working on texturing and lookdev for The Witcher series.  Learn how Substance Designer and Painter were used by Timothee Maron to texture the scenes.  Read an excerpt here, then follow the link to the full interview.

Creating Environments for Netflix’s The Witcher

Everything was textured using Substance Painter as we relied heavily on smart materials and shared our work amongst the asset team to speed up the process and tie everything together.

I had a chance to work on a few other environments, like this swamp where I did the ground texture and lookdev using a mix of Substance Designer and Substance Painter for the texturing part, while lookdev was done in Houdini/Arnold:


Read the Full Interview


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Posted by Kim Sternisha