Midweek Motivation: Hooked on the Past – iToo Software Case Studies

itoo software case studies

Find out how Spanish Architect David Romero recreates Frank Lloyd Wrights un-built masterpieces, like the Gordon Strong Automobile Objective, using iToo Railclone and Forest Pack.

Here’s an excerpt from the case study:

According to David, RailClone forms an essential part of his modelling workflow: “since the building contains a helicoidal ramp for the use of vehicles, but it also contained a restaurant. Modelling both these elements would not have been possible for me without the existence of this fantastic software.”

One of the reasons RailClone can help artists like David is its ability to make large sophisticated procedural objects from relatively simple and easy to model repeated elements. The Ramp in the Gordon Strong building is a good example. The whole object is created from the 3 modular pieces shown below. These are much easier and faster to model that then the entire building, and it only takes a little forward planning and understanding of RailClone’s approach to modelling to save a lot of time.

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itoo flw case study


itoo forest pack and railclone

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Posted by Kim Sternisha