Midweek Motivation: INSYDIUM Case Study: Nabila K – Lip Polish Collection advert

insydium lip polish case study

After seeing an interesting advert for a lip polish collection, the creative folks at INSYDIUM spoke with Aleksei Segodin about his recent work for Nabila K and the use of X-Particles in the ad.  Watch the advert and read an excerpt of the interview here, then follow the link to read the full case study.

Can you tell us which features of X-Particles you used and why you chose to use them?

For this project, I used X-Particles more extensively than ever. I used particles in all but one shot, where we see shooting canons from aside. In the first shot, I used X-Particles for the sugar simulation, where fruit and sugar are flying through the sugar cane field. Here I placed a default emitter with xpTurbulence and xpAttractor. Turbulence made the flow look natural and the Attractor didn’t allow sugar to spread around too much and kept its direction.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha