Midweek Motivation: Interview with EJ Hassenfratz – 3D Creative Director, School of Motion

ej hassenfratz interview

Director of Chaos Group Labs Christopher Nichols interviewed EJ Hassenfratz, freelance motion designer and educator for School of Motion, about the world of education.  Listen to the CG Garage podcast below.

Interview with EJ Hassenfratz

Want to learn how to do 3D in motion graphics? EJ Hassenfratz is your man…

In this podcast, EJ gives a frank and funny insight into the world of education. He highlights some of the pitfalls of learning for free via YouTube tutorials or graduating with massive debt from college. He presents some dependable advice about taking on challenges and investing in yourself, as well as a nostalgic view of the rapid evolution of technology, animation, education and computer graphics.

-Christopher Nichols

Want to read the transcript?  Check out the original post here: https://www.chaosgroup.com/blog/ej-hassenfratz-3d-creative-director-school-of-motion

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Posted by Kim Sternisha