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Luxion KeyShot is real-time 3D rendering software that has everything you need to create amazing visuals fast. Find out how MakerBot’s Industrial Design Team uses KeyShot to create visuals capturing functionality, speed, and design quality for both development and the public launch of their new 3D printers.

How has the use of KeyShot at MakerBot changed over the years?

KeyShot was originally only used internally at MakerBot, mainly during presentations to show new product concepts to leadership. Around the time of the launch of the 5th generation of printers, we started using KeyShot renders in outward-facing marketing. While we still use it in tandem with actual photography, it has proven to be way more effective in certain ways. For instance, we can maintain consistent lighting and environments when launching additional accessories, bundles, and additional products within a family. On very tight time-lines, sometimes it just isn’t possible for the marketing team to have access to the physical products early enough to get the photo/video assets they need and KeyShot helps bridge the gap.”

keyshot makerbotHow does KeyShot help communicate product features?

“As the internal technology of our printers has advanced dramatically, we’ve started incorporating exploded views to be able to display all the hardware that exists under the surface. A lot of these shots would just not be possible with standard photo/video. The KeyShot animation tool, which we only familiarized ourselves with last year, has proven to be relatively simple to use and effective. We’ve started incorporating it into the vast majority of our video content.”

How has KeyShot helped save time, money and improve quality?

“In the past, we’ve relied on hiring outside resources for video animation content. It is extremely expensive and the time-lines are way longer than we’d like. You also don’t get to maintain as tight a grip on the creative direction. There is nothing worse than waiting weeks without being able to see the direction/progress and getting back something that looks awful and doesn’t fall in line with the brand. We are now able to take on the vast majority of this work internally which saves an incredible amount of time and money, and also allows us to have many more cycles to iterate.”

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Posted by Kim Sternisha