Midweek Motivations: 2020 Olympics and Paralympics Tokyo Videos

Tokyo 2020 Olympics

These are all in Japanese but the different animation styles are really interesting and fun. The first videos feature the mascots, MIRAITOWA and SOMEITY, of the 2020 Paralympics in Tokyo, Japan. Others feature a 3D animated torch, geometric animating shapes, and some animated sketches.

2020 Olympics Tokyo

Tokyo 2020 NIPPON FESTIVAL concept video (Long version)

Interesting geometric shapes that animate to drums.

Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Torch Relay Torch video

Some 3D renderings of the medals of the Paralympic games.

2020 Paraolympic Games

Concept video of the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 sport pictograms

There are some really cool motion graphics in this video.

One Minute, One Sport | Weightlifting

One Minute, One Sport Table Tennis

Other Midweek Motivations from Past Olympics

Posted by Michele Yamazaki