Midweek Motivations: Cool Stuff on Instagram September 2021

Midweek Motivations: Cool Stuff on Instagram September 2021

Cool Stuff on Instagram on September 2021 is a new series that solves a problem. I keep seeing such amazing work posted on Instagram, and, since it’s not really the platform for sharing, I decided to share it here on our blog. It goes without saying, click on the creator’s Instagram profile to see more of their work. And while you’re at it, follow Toolfarm on Instagram.

If you have great work that you’d like us to showcase next month, or you have a suggestion for us, tag us on Instagram or send us a direct message on Instagram. Again, we are at @toolfarm. Thanks!!

Note: If you can’t see the Instagram images below, it’s because you may have a Facebook tracker blocking plugin installed. Just disable it to see the images. Alternately, click on “View this post on Instagram”.

HelloHornet 2D Animation

The movement in this animation is so realistic. Beautiful work.


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A post shared by Hornet (@hellohornet)

birgitpalma – Illustration and Lettering

I love the bright colors and fun style of Birgit’s work.


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A post shared by Birgit Palma (@birgitpalma)

Cute Shark by Fabricio Rabachim

Fabricio Rabachim is a self-taught professional in Visual Effects (VFX). I first saw his work shared on the MotionDesigners Instagram, below, with Cinema 4D hashtagged. I found Fabricio’s YouTube Channel and there are many more shark videos to check out. In fact, it looks as if someone is using images of his work to advertise toy sharks! Check out Fabricio Rabachim’s YouTube Channel

Animated globe by Particle.Overflow

The description reads, ‘Made with Element 3D, Trapcode Form and @plugineverything ‘s Deep Glow for @lacasaazuloficial & @guillemilkyway’s “La Fiesta Universal”‘.

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Posted by Michele Yamazaki