Midweek Motivations: IN THE BIZ w/ Mr. Preezee (Producer, Artist & DJ)

In the Biz Mr. Preezee

Ben Eshagpoor has been interviewing artists on his show, IN THE BIZ. This is his third episode that came out on June 23, 2020. It features Mr. Preezee who is a music producer, DJ, and artist. He’s also a photographer. He talks about how he is mainly self-taught and about how he got his first big break in the business. His music is really cool and he has a track that has been used in multiple commercials. If you’re on Spotify, listen to his Masstered, Vol. 1 tracks and see if you can figure it out. And, if you’re wondering, he uses Ableton and Maschine as his DAWs.

By the way, he does live streams each week on Twitch, Mixcloud, and YouTube at 5 pm PDT on Wednesdays, if you want to catch his DJ set. They are fantastic!

Here’s a quick video of Mr. Preezee spinning.

Watch Ben’s previous interview with Jonathan Winbush, Cinema 4D artist.


Posted by Michele Yamazaki