Midweek Motivations: Music Video Round-Up

Midweek Motivations Music Video

It has been a while since we did a roundup of music videos with interesting VFX. Today we’re featuring recent videos from the last few months with The Divine Comedy, Chemical Brothers, Björk and more.

The Divine Comedy – Infernal Machines/You’ll Never Work In This Town Again

This video contains illustrations and artwork by Mathieu Persan, and animations and editing by Maeva Pensivy. At first, they have the feel of a WWII propaganda video. In the second half, there is color and it has a much more mod feel. I love the illustration style. It’s so much fun. I’m going to take a guess that they used Adobe After Effects in this video but I don’t know that for sure.

Creative Review has an article that features Mathieu Persan about the production. Read more: The Divine Comedy’s animated video examines machines in society

The Chemical Brothers – Free Yourself, with Behind the Scenes video

Free Yourself features lots of dancing robots! The VFX production was done by The Mill. Learn more about this video on The Mill’s website.

Behind the Scenes

Learn how it all came together.

Björk: Tabula Rasa

You can always count on Björk for interesting and creepily beautiful music videos. Tabula Rasa does not disappoint, of course!

Directed and animated by Tobias Gremmler,  he explains,

When creating the video, I was deeply inspired by the music and lyrics of Tabula Rasa. The visual transformation of Björkinto faun-like flowers and mountainous landscapes embodies the utopian concept of harmonious coexistence between nature and human-based on empathy.

As a matter of fact, Tobias Gremmler did an interview about his work with CLOT magazine. Read: TOBIAS GREMMLER, morphing the visual uniqueness of movement and rhythm

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Posted by Michele Yamazaki