Midweek Motivations: Taylor K. Shaw and Black Women Animate

Midweek Motivations Taylor K Shaw Black Women Animate

Taylor K. Shaw is the CEO of Black Women Animate (BWA), and she is opening doors and helping up-and-coming female animators of color to be successful. The BWA mission statement says that the company “is designed to change the quality and scope of animation by giving Black women their rightful place in the industry.” On Instagram, BWA is described as “The world’s first and only animation company designed to hire and support Black women, woc, and nonbinary poc.”


Learn more about her company in the video below from Mashable.

Black Women Animate held their second annual Black Women Animate Bootcamp in October 2019, partnering with Cartoon Network. They had breakout masterclasses about working at Cartoon Network, directing and storyboarding, and more.

Keith Davis ’22 & Deonne Sousa ’20 in conversation with Taylor K. Shaw

Nathan Lewis interviews Taylor K. Shaw on May 14, 2020. She talks about the content that Black Women Animate is working on, even during the COVID-19 pandemic. She is unsure about the third BWA Bootcamp for 2020 at this time.

If you’re interested in numbers, data, and history, VICE has a thoroughly researched article about Black women in the animation industry: The New Pipeline For Black Women in Animation

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