Midweek Motivations: The Work of Benjy Brooke

Midweek Motivations Benjy Brooke. Images copywrite Benjy Brooke, Cartoon Network, The Strokes.

Benjy Brooke is a director, animator, and illustrator, based in Ithica, NY. His work is colorful, dynamic, and often, cute, and includes projects for The Cartoon Network, Converse, The Strokes, and much more. He is currently working with Netflix. Check out some of his amazing work!

Benjy Brooke Reel 2020

Benjy put out his new reel a few months ago for 2020. I love the colorful 25 Years promos for Cartoon Network!

Cartoon Network – 25th Anniversary Celebration

Benjy was the Director, Designer, Producer, as well as an animator, on the Cartoon Network’s 25th Anniversary celebration. You can read more about this project at Stash.

The Strokes – At The Door

Benjy was the Co-Producer and Animation Director of The Strokes “At the Door” video. It is reminiscent of cartoons I watched as a kid.

Converse Suminigashi

I love the flow of this piece. It may be my favorite.


I’ve decided to learn some new skills while this pandemic is happening and one of the skills I want to learn is how to draw. I find Benjy’s work to be inspiring and educational. For example, check out his character breakdown of Robin on Instagram.

ANIJAM 3 excerpt

This piece a few years ago but I love the style and the color palette.

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Benjy’s Website

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