Midweek Motivations: Watsky – “What Goes Up” with VFX Behind the Scenes

Watsky - What Goes Up by Jeff Desom

Director/Editor/VFX artist Jeff Desom did some inspiring work on the music video “What Goes Up” for the artist Watsky. In the video, he plays with time and gravity. Especially cool are the special effects with the moon. It’s very creative, indeed. I love the shot where the kids are lying in the road and the moon is hovering over them, lighting the scene.

Watsky – What Goes Up

What Goes Up – Behind the Scenes and VFX

Learn how the moon was created in this music video with, specifically, the clever use of a drone. Jeff shows how he used Maxon Cinema 4D, Adobe After Effects, and Boris Mocha in the creation of the video.

Not surprisingly, Jeff has done some other really cool work, so check out his Vimeo channel and his website to see more.

Posted by Michele Yamazaki