Midweek Motivations: Weval – Someday (Official Video)

Weval Someday

This video from Dutch electronica duo Weval is about a year old but it really does a beautiful job of highlighting patterns in our every day world. It shows architecture, train cars, manhole covers and more. The mesmerizing video for Someday was directed and edited by Páraic Mc Gloughlin, a Sligo, Ireland based artist. Warning: You might get dizzy watching it!

The amount of editing and matching of shapes in this Weval video is something like I’ve never seen! There’s some great use of timelapse here as well. How many edits do you think went into this video? One guess, below the video.

How many shots?

One of the commenters on YouTube, LowFyer, did some math:

The pictures start from 0:23 and go all the way to 4:00, so, 217 seconds of ’em.
The video is running in 25 images per second.
Taking this into account, there are 217*25 images.
Approx = 5425 different images.

If the editor needed 10 seconds to properly position and edit a pic (Not even considering the time it would take to find the right one or organize it) it would have taken 54.250 seconds, which is a little over 15 hours of work nonstop.
Not taking in consideration the time it took to take the pics and organize them.

To properly position and take the picture with a camera, it would take about 10 seconds too, because many of them are close from one another.
If 5425 pictures were taken/found in the internet in about 10s each, it would take , again, about 15 hours.
Summing up to 30 hours of work + rendering time.

If we consider that all the pics are in 1080p, and knowing that a 1080p pic has a file size of about 8 MB, then 43,4 GB of HDD space were used for the pics.

That’s a lotta work

Posted by Michele Yamazaki