Midweek Motivations: Retrospective of Jupiter Short Films

Retrospective of Jupiter

If you’re in the mood for something a little different, Retrospective of Jupiter will give you the inspiration you’re looking for! The site is a collection of high-quality short films submitted by filmmakers worldwide, going back to 2009 and spanning all genres. Below, we have a few examples. The first, Little Cosmic Shore, includes the “Making of” video.

Little Cosmic Shore, an animation by Pavel Kungurov

This is a Russian stop motion animation and it’s adorable. I love the animation style.

How to Make a Short Film | Animated Short Film | Little Cosmic Shore | Making Of

Take a behind the scenes look at Little Cosmic Shore.

Louder, A Sci-fi/Drama by Jake Viramontez

This short film is about a world where people can’t raise their voices over 60db. As long as they remain quiet, they will not disappear.

Submit your short film to Retrospective of Jupiter

In fact, there are hundreds of videos on the Retrospective of Jupiter website. If you’d like to submit a film, here are some instructions.

Posted by Michele Yamazaki