Midweek Motivation: Attend to the Moon – Director’s Cut (William Blake Reimagined)

Midweek Motivation: Attend to the Moon – Director’s Cut (William Blake Reimagined)

In this William Blake inspired visual poem, created by Rory Henderson, each scene references to one of Blake’s works.  Primarily using Cinema 4D and After Effects, Henderson designed a series of abstract visuals that is rather inspiring in and of itself.

A visual poem directly and indirectly referencing the work of William Blake, where each scene refers to one of his works, a modern re-interpretation executed in the form of a series of abstract visuals.

Rory Henderson states:

This was part of a University project, with the intention of improving my confidence and competence in Cinema 4D and with digital workflows. Most of the work was completed in C4D, which I have been learning for about 6 months, with compositing and post production in After Effects and some aspects rendered in Keyshot, this project itself taking just under a month. The music was also made by me, using Logic. Ultimately this was a learning experience which I was lucky to have something to show for at the end, although there are many things I would want to improve in the future, which I would now be capable of.

Rory has a breakdown on Behance that shows how each shot relates to the relative source image from William Blake.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha