Midweek Motivation: Half Rez 5 Bumpers by LooseKeys

Midweek Motivation: Half Rez 5 Bumpers by LooseKeys

Half Rez (the half convention, half party for 2d & 3d professionals) is today and so we thought that it would be fun to check out the Half Rez 5 bumpers that were created by Loosekeys.

Half Rez 2016 Bumpers from LooseKeys on Vimeo.

The LooseKeys team recently had the opportunity to put together some bumpers for the upcoming Half Rez 5 that is taking place at Lincoln Hall on Wednesday, September 14th. Everyone at LooseKeys has been to all of the previous Half Rez events and it’s been great to see them grow and improve…

…It was a bit shocking to be asked to do these animations since we mainly focus on 2D animation and our 3D animation skills, well aren’t all that polished as some of the other studios here in Chicago. But we were up for the challenge! – Loosekeys

Learn more about what it took for Loosekeys to create these bumpers with Maxon Cinema 4D here: https://medium.com/@LooseKeys/half-rez-5-bumpers-6b661f200f13#.bh04v34qi

Check out Loosekeys portfolio here: http://www.loosekeys.tv/

For more info on Half Rez, click here.

Posted by Kim Sternisha