Learn how Dart from “Stranger Things 2” Got His Voice

Learn how Dart from “Stranger Things 2” Got His Voice

A Sound Effect interviews Emmy-award winners Brad North and Craig Henighan designed the sounds for “Stranger Things,” from pollywogs to Demodogs, and the Upside Down tunnels to that menacing Shadow Monster.

The main Demodog started out as a tiny pollywog and Dustin [Gaten Matarazzo] befriends it and names it Dart. A challenge for me was coming up with the vocal idea of how it will grow — what stage 1 of that little guy would sound like, then stage 2, and stage 3. Then by stage 4 he’s a fully formed Demodog.

I had to come up with sound that would let the little pollywog interact with Dustin because they communicate a bit. Dart also feels pain and anger and aggression. I ended up using my own voice a fair bit for stage 1, stage 2, and stage 3, and ran it through Dehumaniser by Krotos. – Craig Henighan

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Posted by Kim Sternisha