Midweek Motivation: Quixel Megascans in Neill Blomkamp’s “Adam” + Download the Adam Assets!

Midweek Motivation: Quixel Megascans in Neill Blomkamp’s “Adam” + Download the Adam Assets!

Neill Blomkamp is a prominent South African director/writer of hit films like Elysium, District 9, and Chappie. He has been using Unity’s real-time rendering features with his short films in association with Quixel Megascans, an massive library of high-res vegetation and natural PBR scans for games, visualization and VFX.

Here’s an excerpt from the article at Quixel:

In 2016, Unity Technologies released the ground-breaking short “Adam”, written and directed by Veselin Efremov, Creative Director of Unity’s demo team. Quixel Megascans was heavily used for all environments, enabling the small Stockholm-based team to make the film in a short amount of time. Reaching an audience of millions, it was clear that the combination of compelling story and breath-taking real-time visuals struck a chord with audiences worldwide. Adam quickly became the most successful project in Unity’s history.

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Download the Adam Assets for Free!

Quixel Megascans were used in the extreme close shots with high details and tiled in the Unity Standard shader. Read more at Unity.com

You can download an Adam Demo with executable and assets from Unity3D. This pack is being released and distributed under a custom EULA, which does not allow commercial use. 

Adam Exterior Environment Pack – download (size: 2.7 GB; DX11 only)

The Adam Exterior Environment Pack includes:

  • Environment art assets
  • Post-processing effects (beta)
  • Scanned assets from Megascans, obtained with permission.
  • Sky from NoEmotionHDRs

There are a lot more Adam assets to download: Adam Character Pack, Adam Interior Environment, and Adam Lighting and Volumetrics. Learn more about the assets.

Watch the Adam Series

Adam 2Midweek Motivations: ADAM E2: The Mirror (Neill Blomkamp) + New Autodesk Integration into Unity

Oats Studios, Neill Blomkamp’s project, created Adam E2: The Mirror in real-time using Unity. It’s impressive! And, watch the Unite Austin 2017 Keynote where it premiered too.

Adam episodes 1 and 2 are on this page.

Adam 3Midweek Motivations: ADAM E3 (Neill Blomkamp) with Making of Adam + Unity Press Release

Oats Studios, Neill Blomkamp’s project, created Adam E3 in real-time using Unity. Watch a behind the scenes video and watch how they made the CG Humans models, made with Motion Capture on the body and faces, plus Digital Cloth and Timeline.


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Posted by Michele Yamazaki