Midweek Motivation: Redshift Renders

Midweek Motivation: Redshift Renders

So many 3D Artists are creating amazing art with Redshift. Here’s a compilation of Redshift renders that I thought were pretty cool.  Happy viewing.

Mixed Parts – October Entry – Billy Chitkin

Mixed Parts – October Entry from Billy Chitkin on Vimeo.

Made with Cinema 4D, rendered in Redshift, composited in After Effects.


Redshift sail11 low res – Jan Grashei


Wings – Ben Black

Wings from Ben Black on Vimeo.

Playing around with X particles cloth deformer. Rendered with Redshift.


Skull Drip – Joseph Triolo

Playing with viscosity. Houdini, Redshift, After Effects


Look Ma! No hands – Artur Szymczak

Maya, Redshift, Nuke, and just a tad of Houdini.


Wood Fairies of Sweden – Magnus Larsson

Somewhere in the forests of Sweden. Created with Houdini and the Quixels Megascans LiveLink for Houdini, renderd with RedShift.


Stay Warm – Sebastian Zaniewski

Little animation done in spare time. Winter is coming!

Software used

  • Maya
  • Substance Designer
  • Speedtree
  • Redshift
  • After Effects


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Posted by Kim Sternisha