Midweek Motivation: Walk Away – A Bad Think

Midweek Motivation: Walk Away – A Bad Think

This impressive science fiction music video for the band A Bad Think was created with Cinema 4D and Octane Render over 4 months.

The visuals were created by David Ariew, a Charlotte, NC, based artist. 
Director — Derrick Borte
Artist — Michael Marquat of A Bad Think

I saw this a few days ago at IA Mag and was going to post it and then I saw that Chad Ashley of Greyscalegorilla had more info on the video. Apparently, Ariew used Greyscalegorilla Signal in the production of the video. How cool is that!?


Signal is a Cinema 4D plugin from Greyscalegorilla that allows for easy procedural animation for any parameter inside of Cinema 4D without using the timeline.

Learn more about Signal


Posted by Michele Yamazaki