Midweek Motivations: 2017 Character Reels

Midweek Motivations: 2017 Character Reels

There are so many great reels out there. Here are a few companies and artists that excel at CGI and character animation.

Giant Animation Studios Showreel 2017

Really excellent character animation from Giant Animation of Dublin, Ireland. They've done work from the animated series Go Jetters to shorts like Geist.

Démo 2017 – Cube Creative

Cube Creative is a Production Company and 2D/3D animation studio in Paris, France. They also do all types of work and it's stellar!

Frank Barton CGI Animals Reel

Augustin CLERMONT Animation Reel 2017

There must be something in the water in Paris, France, because they have so many super skilled artists there!

Allison Rutland Animation Reel 2017

Obviously, Allison works for Pixar! Such amazing work!

Posted by Michele Yamazaki