Midweek Motivations: Action Movie Kid

Daniel Hashimoto, a Dreamworks animator and cool dad, has been doing an ongoing series of special effects. Here are a few of his great little vignettes.

No Fear of Heights

Submarine | Toyota Sienna 2015

I hope Toyota gives him a free vehicle for this great commercial!

Tractorbeam! | Toyota Sienna 2015

Another for Toyota. These are so cool! I wish my kid would act in my movies! Maybe after showing her this she will want to.

How to Find Your Kid at Target

I need this feature on my iPhone.

Happy Father's Day from Action Movie Kid

3-Year-Old with a Real Portal Gun

Rocket Car

Shopping Kart 64

AMK – Happy Mother's Day

Going to School

Action Movie Kid – Volume 1 Compilation

I swear I featured this before on Toolfarm but maybe I just shared it on my own Facebook page. It's fantastic! Here's a compilation of all of the effects to a point.


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Posted by Michele Yamazaki