Midweek Motivations: CONSTRUCT by Kevin Margo with Making Of Video & Interview

Midweek Motivations: CONSTRUCT by Kevin Margo with Making Of Video & Interview

CONSTRUCT is a 12-minute film, from Kevin Margo and a 75 person crew of his talented friends, many from BLUR. It’s about a family man droid and some mafia-type droids who are involved in several fight sequences. I’ll leave it at that as to not spoil the plot. There is a lot of action! It’s photorealistic and used lots of motion capture, totaling 210 all-CG shots. Impressive work!  This film is a couple of years old but it’s SO good!

A little background on the piece from Animation World News:

Designed for realism, CONSTRUCT’s “handheld” shooting method was so immersive that the short began fooling other artists, who assumed that Margo had tracked the digital robots atop of live-action plates. According to the director, “Everybody wanted to know what camera I was using, when in reality, our team was just churning out well-lit, photoreal CG backgrounds using ‘natural light’ and V-Ray.”

Content from Chaos Group:

Making of Kevin Margo's CONSTRUCT

Chaos Group takes a behind the scenes look at the motion capture involved in CONSTRUCT.

Behind the Scenes of Kevin Margo's CONSTRUCT – Part 2

Another behind the scenes look at Kevin Margo's CONSTRUCT, mainly focusing MotionBuilder with GPU rendering with cloud rendering and the NVIDIA VCA.

Interview with Kevin Margo Director of CONSTRUCT

Autodesk talks to Kevin Margo about his work on CONSTRUCT, and he used Vray, MotionBuilder, 3ds Max and lots of Nvidia GPUs.”

Kevin Margo | Full Session Recording | Total Chaos 2018

Kevin Margo also did a session a for Chaos Group at Total Chaos 2018. This video went up last month. 

Kevin Margo from Blur Studios – D2 Special Coverage of Total Chaos

Here's another interview with Kevin Margo from the D2 Conferences earlier this year. This is more about his work at Blur but he does talk about CONSTRUCT.

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