Midweek Motivations: Geostorm – Official Trailer

Midweek Motivations: Geostorm – Official Trailer

It’s international Space Day, so here’s another inspirational piece about space for the upcoming Warner Bros film Geostorm, directed by Dean Delvin. It’s a disaster film about that control the weather and have a mishap. There are lots of weather related VFX and nice satellite CG.

Double Negative and Framestore's Montreal and London teams worked on the assets and effects for the film, slated for October 2017 releaseThe Third Floor, AgraphaFX, method studios, Frame Store, Soho VFX, Flash Film Works, Hydraulx, StereoD, and more also on the film, so expect some major VFX! The list of 3D artists, compositiors, VFX artists, and more on IMDB is enormous! I'm sure there will be many VFX breakdowns and tutorials of how to do certain effects, and interviews with VFX supervisors, as we get closer to the release. It looks like a fun ride.

Geostorm Teaser 2016 Gerard Butler Movie HD

This trailer was uploaded by one of the vfx editors on the film. He goes by the handle Finalcutcoach.

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Posted by Michele Yamazaki