Midweek Motivations: He Arose VFX Breakdown

Midweek Motivations: He Arose VFX Breakdown

Just in time for Easter, check out this interesting VFX breakdown of the “Golgotha shot” from the He Arose piece from Igniter Media. Trent Armstrong, VFX guru of Igniter Media, sent me a link to a write up he did about his process in After Effects.

Igniter Media specializes in media for churches and have created this one for Easter. The VFX are pretty involved. It's like a Mannequin challenge with lots of compositing, camera tracking with Adobe After Effects Camera Tracker, added atmospherics with Trapcode Form and Particular, added depth of field, and finished with a really sweet color grade.

He Arose Full Video

He Arose VFX Breakdown

Trent Armstrong wrote a blog post about the VFX in this piece. Check it out here.

Posted by Michele Yamazaki