Midweek Motivations: Historical Dramas

Midweek Motivations: Historical Dramas

I love those historical dramas about the monarchies like The Crown, Victoria, The Tudors, and so on. Besides the great acting and storylines, the visual effects and matte paintings make these shows that immerse you in the rich history. Here is some of the great VFX work that went into these programs.


I loved Season 1 but haven't seen any of Season 2 yet. The work on the show is incredible.

Victoria VFX Breakdown reel by Goodbye Kansas Studios

The Crown

The Crown is so gorgeously shot. I read that it cost over $10 million to produce each episode! 

The Crown Season 2 – VFX Breakdown from One of Us VFX



Isabel is a Spanish show about the queen of Spain, Isabella I of Castile, and it's streaming on Amazon Prime. It's on my list to watch next!

Carlos Robles – Isabel VFX – Matte Painting

This is from the second and third season of Isabel.

Carlos Robles – Isabel VFX – Compositing

Isabel TVE Season 3 VFX from Linea-64

Isabel TVE Season 1 VFX from Linea-64

Carlos Rey Emperador

This is a continuation of Isabel with more VFX from Linea-64.

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