Midweek Motivations: Predictions for 2018 with Lots of Inspiration

Midweek Motivations: Predictions for 2018 with Lots of Inspiration

Now that 2017 is almost over, it’s time to peer into our HD holographic 360° VR crystal ball to 2018. What changes and innovations do we see happening in the coming year? Read our 2018 forecast and find out!

VR, AR, and 360° Video

Pretty much every high school kid I know got VR glasses for Christmas. In other words, the audience is building fast. For the video production field, the work will grow in this area as the market finds more useful, and some very unuseful ways to use the technology. Expect to see more music videos, POV travel and adventure videos, games and more coming to the public. 

Editors will get better at covering seams and strange warpiness in videos and the quality will get a lot better as more people get comfortable with the tools and software. 

VR Software to Consider

Blackmagic Design Fusion Studio 9
Fusion 9 was announced at Siggraph in August 2017. “Fusion 9 has been designed to support the latest workflows and features new VR tools, entirely new keyer technology, planar tracking, camera tracking, multi user collaboration tools and more.” They really focused on VR in this release with a full 360º true 3D workspace, along with a new panoramic viewer and support for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and other VR headsets.

Adobe Effects CC 2018 included with Adobe Creative Cloud CC 2018
The newest release of After Effects includes immersive 360 VR tools. Create amazing content even faster with tools for immersive 360/VR effects and transitions, easier ways of generating motion graphics using data-driven animations, and more. Premiere Pro CC 2018 automatically detects whether your virtual reality video is monoscopic or stereoscopic and applies the appropriate settings with the Auto-aware VR feature.

Boris Mocha VR came out in February 2017 and is based on Imagineer’s Academy Award-winning planar tracking algorithm. It includes a native 360 optimized workflow for familiar 360° video post-production workflows.

Boris FX introduced the Continuum VR Unit which consists of 5 quick, powerful filters designed specifically 360 video editing and finishing: VR Reorient, VR Insert, VR Blur, VR Sharpen and VR Flicker Fixer. Continuum VR filters are GPU accelerated and support VR video formats: 180, 360, mono & stereoscopic. Currently supporting Adobe Premiere Pro, Aftter Effects and Avid Media Composer.

360 Video Examples

Mega Coaster: Get Ready for the Drop (360 Video)

Mountaintop Sunset | La Paz, Bolivia 360 VR Video | Discovery TRVLR

This video contains some gorgeous footage in the Andes and some text with facts about Bolivia. Simple, yet interesting. 

This Summer – Roomie (Maroon 5 Cover)

Here's an example of a music video where the singer is cloned in the video. 

Note: There's some NSFW language in the song. 

Augmented Reality (AR) Examples

Apple ARKit developer recreates '80s classic 'Take On Me' by A-Ha in augmented reality

Pokemon AR/VR

Santa Claus and the breakfastgirl AR

Projection Mapping

Projecton Mapping has been growing in popularity over the past few years and it may be exploding in 2018. You'll see it in everything from advertising to art installations, from wedding cakes to holiday decorations. Projection Mapping can turn anything into a canvas. Basically, it's projected imagery onto pretty much anything but the artist must take the shape of the object into consideration so that the visuals are not warped incorrectly. And you'll need a pretty high quality projector!

Jakarta Cathedral Projection Mapping

Osaka, Japan Holiday Display

Projection Mapping Magic at ISE 2017

Las Vegas seems like a place where projection mapping will fluorish!

Wedding Cake

Posted by Michele Yamazaki