Midweek Motivations: Projection Mapping Round-up, Part 3

projection mapping round up part 3

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve covered some of the cool projection mapping projects from the past year and given some information on the process. Today, I’m going past just simple projection mapping and into interactive projection mapping, where the viewer controls what happens in the projection.

Here’s what’s been covered so far in this series..

  • Part 1 – A quick history of projection mapping and my experiences with it at The Magic Kingdom as a child at The Haunted Mansion, plus examples of digital make-up from Omote, the New Jersey Devils pre-game projections and UCLA’s Centennial Campaign Launch on Royce Hall.
  • Part 2 – I provided some links to get you started on your own projection mapping project, freebie software, as well as some more incredible examples featuring a new one from Omote, New Years Eve in L.A..’s Grand Park, a Disney projected wedding cake and more.

Interactive Projections

Several years ago out at NAB I was so impressed with the koi ponds projected in the Las Vegas monorail stations. Here it is.

I’m sure you’ve also seen the them in airports. Below is an ad for Nissan at the airport in Lisbon, Portugal.

Pixel: A Mesmerizing Dance Performance Incorporating Interactive Digital Projection

Those are fun pieces of innovative advertising, but check out this one.

SIRO-A Spectacle Projection Mapping Show (Japan) “電 激 玩 樂園” (日本)

Siro-A is a Japanese group combining music, dance and video projection. I’d love to see this live!

A Human Video Game: Siro-A at TEDxTokyo

RUIS (Reality-based User Interface System)

This video is already 5 years old and I’m a bit surprised that there aren’t more interactive projections being used in everyday society. I didn’t go to CES, but I have a feeling that I’ll be seeing some at NAB this year. Let’s hope 2015 is the year and I hope to see a lot of this type of thing.

IXION Windowless Jet Concept

This is for the high roller, but a girl can still dream, right? Technion Design – France put this together for the 2013 NBAA Business Aviation Show. It seems that windows weigh quite a bit and by removing them, the planes are a lot more fuel efficient.

They’re not the only ones. Spike Aerospace out of Boston is developing the S-512, a windowless supersonic jet that they’ve been designing.

The Future of Interactive Projection Video

Although it has been around for at least a decade, I have a feeling that we’ll be seeing more and more in the form of art installations, advertisements, educational exhibits at museums, and games and entertainment. 2014 seemed to be the year of projection mapping video. Projectors are becoming more powerful and affordable people are expecting more. I’m sure we’ll see some very futuristic uses for interactive computer interfaces just like we’ve seen in umpteen sci-fi films in the past five years. Projection keyboards already exist. The day will come.

Posted by Kim Sternisha