Midweek Motivations: The Demogorgon in Stranger Things 2 VFX

Midweek Motivations: The Demogorgon in Stranger Things 2 VFX

Today we’re taking a peek at the visual effects behind the Demogorgon and Dart, the world’s most dangerous pollywog, of Stranger Things 2. Hopefully, most of you have made it through season 2 by now so there won’t be any spoilers here today.

Stranger Things – VFX Breakdown

This video came out on Halloween 2017.

Making a Monster for Stranger Things – Chaos Group talks to Steffen Reichstadt, Art Director and VFX Supervisor, and Michael Pecchia, Executive Producer, both of Aaron Sims Creative, about the show, the creature’s creation, and season two. They used Maya and V-Ray in the process. Check out this page for some incredible sketches of the demo.

Bringing Nightmares to Life: The Visual Effects Behind Stranger Things’ Monster – more about the work of Aaron Sims Creative.

How 3D Printing Helped Design the ‘Stranger Things’ Demogorgon

How Stranger Things Created Dart, the World’s Cutest, Deadliest Polliwog – Vanity Fair talks about how Dustin’s pet, Dart, was created, by interviewing senior video-effects supervisor Paul Graff.

Designing the Demogorgon: VFX and 3D Printing Behind the Scenes

Stranger Things: Designing the Demogorgon | NowThis Nerd

This video takes a look at season 1 but the content still applies.

Making Of Stranger Things: VFX Breakdown


How Stranger Things 2 Transformed Hawkins Into the Upside Down – This article from Vulture explains how visual-effects producers Paul and Christina Graff came up with the concept of the Upside Down and how it looked in Will’s mind.

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