Midweek Motivations: The X-Particles Challenge 2018 Entries

Midweek Motivations: The X-Particles Challenge 2018 Entries

Update! The X-Particles Challenge 2018 Reel is here!

The X-Particles Challenge 2018 Entries

Check out these cool and inspiring entries for the 2018 X-Particles Challenge. Also, congrats to winner Chris Harkin, who is now the proud owner of a $200 Toolfarm store credit, among other great prizes!

Chris Harkin’s Entry

Chris says: “I used XP4 for the energy, electricity, fire and destruction FX, as well as the dynamic cables and pipe structures of the main ‘X’ model. Rendered with Octane using Toon Shading.”

Nezhnev Anton’s Entry

Jason Poley’s Entry

Jason used Cinema 4D, X-Particles 4, Cycles 4D, After Effects & Premiere Pro. His sound came from Video Copilot Designer Sound FX.

Sam Turner’s Entry

Created in Cinema 4D using X-Particles 3.5 and rendered with Redshift.

There were 83 other creative and cool entries, so take a look at the X-Particles Challenge Vimeo Channel for more!

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Posted by Michele Yamazaki